Staff Training


The Yize staff are receiving deep training these days to welcome the new 2016 year. The lecturer this time is Mr T.S.CHIA from Singapore. He has been engaged in aquatic food business for nearly 40 years and he has his own special opinion about the management of aquatic food enterprise.

In this training, Mr T.S.CHIA shares the importance of teamwork with us. He makes his own prediction of the future development trend of aquaculture industry. Also, we analysis the world well-known enterprises cases together. We will provide premium products for our esteemed customers with our best service. The training is of great significance for us.

Though the training is over, our thinking and learning must continue. We need make unceasing effort to achieve greater development. We will provide premium products with our best service.

In the end, we want to thank Mr T.S.CHIA again for his tremendous sharings.


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